Unter dem Motto „Nature is our Playground“ zeigt das Kurzfilmfestival Kufstein 2021 anregende Kurzfilme aus internationaler Einreichung.
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Under the motto "Nature is our Playground", the Kufstein Short Film Festival 2021 will show inspiring short films from international submissions.

The Kurzfilmfestival Kufstein invites to its fourth edition

05.10.2021 | Practical projects
On the 4th November 2021, the Kurzfilmfestival Kufstein presents seven international short films to the motto “Nature is our Playground”. The relationship between nature and humans is in the centre of the evening which shall inspire for more sustainability.

Since its successful premiere in 2018, the Kurzfilmfestival presents this year its fourth edition. This year’s event is dedicated to the theme of "Nature is our playground". The event is annually organised by a new team of students, representing the creativity, curiosity and ambitions of the organisers. In the last years, short films to the topics of “Am Tellerrand - Einkehren oder Ausbrechen" (2018), “loss and found - vom Verlust und der Lust am Neuen" (2019) und “A new Beginning" (2020) were presented.

Stimulating sustainable thinking    

This year, the organisers took on a red-hot topic to create a film evening, formulated into a statement. Under the motto “Nature is our Playground”, international short films to aspects of nature, sustainability and climate change are awaiting the visitors. Sometimes with a humours eye, partly captivatingly informative and at the same time shockingly real. The evening program is composed out of seven out of more than 200 hand selected short that were submitted from almost 50 countries. The successful seven movies were produced in six different countries and present a great range of diverse perspectives on the topic.

The films will be shown in their original language with English subtitles. They invite the visitors to confront themselves with the current human-nature-relationship, examined from different standpoints. The short films are critical, reflective and motivating to pay more attention to sustainability in everyday life.


On the festival evening, this year’s expert jury, composed out of Angelika Pagitz from Cine Tirol, Emanuel Bachnetzer from Sandhill Pictures and Lisa Luginger, a media maker, are awarding the Raiffeisen Jury-Award alongside the price money of 300 euros. In addition, the audience's vote counts: during the festival, the audience can vote live for their favourite short film. The audience award is allocated with a price money of 200 euros. The prices are awarded for the most convincing examination of the topic “Nature is our Playground”.

The Kurzfilmfestival Kufstein in brief

When: November 4, 2021, admission 6:30 pm, start 7:15 pm                                          
Where: Festung Kufstein

Angelika Pagitz supports the team of Cine Tirol as a Certified Film Commissioner. She oversees the project “Green Filming Tirol”, aiming to strengthen the awareness for sustainable film making, which was launched in 2020.

After several years of acting, filmmaker and director Emanuel Bachnetzer founded his own film production company “Sandhill Pictures” in 2009. Since 2016, he mostly focuses on film direction. 

With only 15 years, Lisa Luginger dived into the world of media and was awarded the title of “eine der Medienmacherinnen Deutschlands” (translated: one of Germany’s media makers) in her mid-twenties. Today, she works for national and international clients, shoots commercials, devises campaigns or works on the production of film skripts. 

Sale: Thursday, November 14 and 21,2021 from 1:00 – 2.30 pm in the foyer of the FH Kufstein Tirol

Prices: Euro 12.-

Discounted tickets for pupils and students: Euro 10.-

Alongside the festival, an independent educational program in German language has been published which is available online already shortly before the event as well as afterwards. In eight expert interviews and a short documentary, the festival team turns the topic of “Nature is our Playground” upside down and asks if nature really is our playground. More information on the festival, the program and the supporters are continuously published on the Kurzfilmfestival’s social media channels.

The program book for the fourth edition of the Kurzfilmfestival Kufstein introduces the festival, the jury, the film and educational program as well as the location.


Program book Kurzfilmfestival Kufstein

Together with experts from different sectors, the organisers turned this year's festival theme upside down and asked: Is nature really our playground?! For all those interested, answers and further information can be found in the educational program. (Available in German language only; recommended for the age of 14 or older). 



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