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Simon Sohm

Student Business Management, study year 2013

  • Why did you choose the full-time Business Management Bachelor´s program? What makes this program special for you?

The decisive factor for me was that I wanted an economics degree. After studying the various options for quite a while, I quickly realized that this degree program matches my future plans. A normal business studies degree was too much the standard choice, so it was easy for me to decide on the more specialized Business Management Bachelor's degree program. This program is clearly different than other business studies degrees. The lectures offered are very practical, various projects are carried out and internal presentation is emphasized. On top of that, within three years one can acquire a wide range of economic expertise, from accounting and human resource management to business acquisitions and managing family businesses. 


  • Have you ever taken part in an study project before? What was it about? How did you contribute?

I am very interested in nearly all lectures, so it is hard to choose one highlight. I have special memories of one project, though. In the second semester we were able to found a real business as part of the 7 Euro Cash project. Special permission was granted for this project so we would not run into legal problems. Within a few weeks, we had to come up with a business idea and realize it. For me, the whole process of developing a business idea (within a very short time period), finding B2B customers and concluding with a presentation before a jury of experts was very valuable. 


  • What career plans do you have?

I have very clear career plans so I have a very exact goal that I am working towards. Once I have my Bachelor's degree, I will focus on gaining experience within Austria but also abroad. Long term, I will take over my family's business in Vorarlberg.

To summarize, I can highly recommend the Business Management program to anybody interested in a degree in economics that offers special, and I mean that positively, and practical content.