Student Picture

Anna-Franziska Mizera

Student Business Management study year 2014

  • Why did you choose the full-time Business Management Bachelor's program? What made it special for you?

After successfully completing a tourism college, I decided to enter the world of work to gain practical experience and apply my acquired theoretical knowledge. I worked in the Austrian hotel and tourism industry for two years where I had the chance to take on some lower management tasks. I realized quickly that I still had a lot to learn regarding strategic and higher-level management. The Business Management Bachelor's program at the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences appealed to me mainly because of the very varied course content. It not only provides students with comprehensive economic expertise, but also gives them insight into key aspects of starting up and running a business. This combination of business degree and preparation for independent entrepreneurship made this Business Management program particularly interesting to me.

  • Have you ever taken part in a University of Applied Sciences project before? What was it about? How did you contribute?

The theoretical content of the Business Management Bachelor’s program is accompanied by a host of practical projects. A particularly interesting experience was the 7€-Cash project in which the students had the chance to use a start-up capital of €7 to found a real business and intensively run it for about eight weeks. This project provides an environment in which the previously gained theoretical knowledge can be applied and playfully internalized for the first time. In addition, the project provided valuable experience in dealing with partners and customers and in doing a pitch in front of a jury of experts.

Another formative experience was the semester abroad, which I did in Bordeaux, France. What was particularly interesting was the exchange with people from other cultures, the creating of contacts that are valuable for my future, and the glimpse into a completely different teaching system.

  • What career plans do you have?

Deciding on one particular job is not that easy because of the broad training received during the Business Management degree program. There are so many interesting fields that graduates are qualified to work in. Luckily, one field does not necessarily exclude another because, in the first few years after graduating, it is not uncommon to work across departments. Personally, I am aiming for a job in the field of strategic business development or marketing and sales. At some point in the future – once I have gained enough experience and have built a broad network of useful contacts – I hope to be able to fulfill my dream of having my own company.

This Business Management program is a good choice for anybody interested in understanding the complex workings of businesses and gaining insight into as many areas of a company as possible. I can recommend this degree program, especially to those with the dream of starting a company at some point.