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Studienjahr 2017/18

Data glasses for maintenance documentation 28.04.2018

The goal of the technology study is to test the deployment of monocular and industry-suitable data glasses in public transportation maintenance.

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winter sports congress 09.04.2018

In the context of the business projects integrated in the Sports, Culture & Events Management master’s program, a group of four students developed a concept for the 1st Kufstein Winter Sports Congress to be held in March 2018 at the FH Kufstein Tirol.

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Smart Factories - Connected Learning 28.03.2018

The cooperative research project Smart Factories – Connected Learning aims to establish a learning environment for smart technologies applications in production processes.

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Digital Bicycle Brake 28.02.2018

The aim of the project Digital Bicycle Brake is to apply the concept Digital Twin for monitoring the brake system of a bicycle.

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Innovation course Digital Tourism Expert Project 15.02.2018

The goal of the project is to prepare companies and their employees for the coming digital challenges.

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Measurability of various crisis phases of a company within the context of an indifference curve model 12.02.2018

The goal was to assign companies of various crisis severity degrees to a failure probability on an iso curve model.

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Company performance, diversification and risk for small and medium-sized enterprises while taking the resource-based view into account 12.12.2017

The effect of diversification on profitability and the risk of small and medium-sized enterprises were analyzed within the context of the study.

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Companies with profile 08.12.2017

Application options for entrepreneurship research, specifically for business-model analysis for the development of corporate identity of small enterprises in regional network structures

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Private equity for medium-sized enterprises in crisis 01.12.2017

This fundamental study, which bridges the gap between private equity and restructuring for medium-sized enterprises in crisis, shows that a suitable investor can be an effective restructuring component in a tense company crisis.

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Qualification seminar: Data Management in Energy, Construction and Real Estate Management (EBIW) 28.11.2017

The goal of the project is observing digitizationboth from the perspective of changing business processes and based on new technical building aspects.

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Experiencing the Olympic Spirit in Greece 22.11.2017

Every year the IOA Session for Young Participants brings together sports enthusiasts from around the world. Among those attending this year’s edition of the annual get-together in Greece was a student from the FH Kufstein Tirol.

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Robots, flight simulators and smart glasses: digitalization and innovation at the FH Kufstein Tirol 02.11.2017

As well as offering study programs focusing on digitalization, the FH Kufstein Tirol incorporates technology and business into many of its research projects using a series of innovative products and ideas.

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News of the FH Kufstein

Ein Nachmittag zum Forschen und Erkunden

Am 20. Mai 2022 fand die Lange Nacht der Forschung bereits zum sechsten Mal an der FH Kufstein Tirol statt. Insgesamt besuchten rund 950 Besucher:innen die spannenden Stationen der FH.

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Einblick in die Craft-Beer-Szene

Bereits zum achten Mal ging am 12. Mai das Kamingespräch des Management Forums Kufstein über die Bühne. Die Gäste des hybriden Eventformats bekamen spannende Insights in die Craft-Beer-Szene und das Unternehmen Bierol.

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Matura Award 2022 geht an die HLW Kufstein

Dieses Jahr dürfen sich die Schüler:innen von der HLW Kufstein über den Matura Award und die Gewinnsumme von 3.000 Euro freuen. Am 19. Mai fand die persönliche Scheckübergabe an der HLW Kufstein statt.

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