4th International Kurzfilmfestival in the Festung Kufstein

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Under the topic "Nature is our playground", selected short films are inviting the audience to marvel, discuss and be inspired.

The focus is on the human nature relationship. The films will be shown in their original language with English subtitles. 

Since its successful premiere in 2018, the Kurzfilmfestival Kufstein has become a must attend event in Kufstein and is already celebrating its fourth edition in 2021. This year’s event is dedicated to the theme of "Nature is our playground". During the event, attendees will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of short films dealing with various issues related to sustainability, travel and sports in nature. 

The highlight of the evening will be the awarding of the jury and audience award. This year’s expert jury is composed of Angelika Pagitz from Cine Tirol, Emanuel Bachnetzer, Sandhill Pictures and Lisa Luginger, media maker. Together, they award the Raiffeisen Jury Award along with the prize money of Euro 300,-. In addition, the audience's vote counts: during the festival, the audience can vote for their favourite short film. Their film, too, will be awarded with a prize money of Euro 200.-.

Stimulating sustainable thinking   

Sustainability and future-oriented actions with regards to nature preservation gained more attention over the last years. This year's topic developed out of the desire to illuminate and question the status quo of the nature-human relationship. While on the one hand one seeks recreation and pleasure in nature, it is exploited on the other for everyday needs, such as Angus steak, the long-distance flight and the beautiful family home. This paradox not only makes one questioning the situation, but also serves as an inspiration for reflecting, criticising and encouraging short film formats within the framework of this year's festival. The event is thus intended to create an environment for discussion and incitation, as well as a meeting point for citizens, experts, filmmakers and (international) students.

The Team

The short film festival is organised annually by students of the Masters Sports, Culture & Events management (SCEM). This year's team consists of six students with interdisciplinary backgrounds: International Business, Sports Management, Tourism Management, Media Management, Cultural Education and Multilingual Communication. With this strong and unique combination of experience and knowledge, the students will lead the Kurzfilmfestival Kufstein into the next round.

The Kurzfilmfestival Kufstein in brief

When: November 4, 2021, admission 6:30 pm, start 7:15 pm                                          
Where: Festung Kufstein


Sale: Thursday, November 14 and 21,2021 from 1:00 – 2.30 pm in the foyer of the FH Kufstein Tirol

Prices: Euro 12.-

Discounted tickets for pupils and students: Euro 10.-

Together with experts from different sectors, the organisers turned this year's festival theme upside down and asked: Is nature really our playground? For all those interested, answers and further information can be found in the educational program.

Download (Available in German language only; recommended for the age of 14 or older.)

Educational program Kurzfilmfestival Kufstein

The program book for the fourth edition of the Kurzfilmfestival Kufstein introduces the festival, the jury, the film and educational program as well as the location.


Program book Kurzfilmfestival Kufstein

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Cooperation partner

The team is happy to have won the Festung Kufstein again as the official cooperation partner for the Kurzfilmfestival Kufstein 2021.


The team also thanks the generous sponsors with whose support it was possible to realise this year’s edition:

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