Satisfaction in the property

Facilities managers know and understand their customer needs and strive to comply or exceed them.


Does user satisfaction matter for facilities management?

Spielt die NutzerInnenzufriedenheit für das Facility Management eine Rolle?

Within the framework of a survey from FM experts of the Institute of Facilities Management & Real Estate Management, 93% pointed out, that satisfaction surveys for facilities management are necessary. In the same survey 47% specify, that they wouldn’t perform a corresponding elevation because it would be too costly.

The satisfaction of customers and employees in focus of facility management

Die Zufriedenheit der KundInnen und MitarbeiterInnen im Fokus des Facility Managements

Guideline 100 of the German FM Association (GEFMA) defines facility management to clarify, that the FM beyond is a benefit for business, finance and the environment as well as for customers and employees:

  • Customers notice positive perceives during their visits at a company. Design, cleanliness, safety and services create an atmosphere where customers feel comfortable and are able to build up a business relationship.
  • Facility Management ensures safety, health protection and wellbeing of people at work.
  • Facility Management positively influences the corporate culture, helps to increase employee satisfaction and motivation as well as strengthens loyalty to the company.

Facility Management focuses on humans. Satisfied humans increase productivity and strengthen business relationships.

Hostmanship puts the necessity to focus on humans in a nutshell.

Hostmanship bringt die Notwendigkeit der Fokussierung auf den Menschen auf den Punkt.

"Hostmanship" is the new buzzword when you talk about customer and staff satisfaction. The "hostman" host cares about the wellbeing of its guests. The implementation of this vision in the whole building and its services is a challenge and simultaneously an opportunity of sustainable facility management.

To find out the employees and customers needs and if they are satisfied or dissatisfied, we have to ask and listen to them.

Who is the customer?

Who is the Customer?

This is the most asked question, when it comes to know whose satisfaction counts. Is it the CEO and client? Is it the employer or each and every person who visits and uses the building?

No matter how the answer is: myBuildingMessage is able to deal with any quantity of answers. It relies on the collective intelligence and the expertise of all users.

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