Our technology and know-how enables you to know what your customers and employees expect about your building and its services

Get the strengths of your building confirmed by your users

Lassen Sie sich Ihre Stärken durch die Nutzerinnen und Nutzer bestätigen

Appealing designed work environments increase employee’s performance. Satisfied guests of an event are the best marketing and comfortable sensed customer’s increasing the turnover. Also a successfully implemented facilities management raises the user satisfaction. Get your accomplishments confirmed by the users of the building. The online based open questionnaire myBuildingMessage of the Institute of Facilities Management & Real Estate Management at the University of Applied Science Kufstein Tirol enables you a written strengths evaluation of your building. This multifunctional tool makes it possible to evaluate each building typology and target group to establish the user satisfaction. Every branch draws benefits out of these new survey methodology, whether you are a service provider, building operator or facilities manager.

Verify implemented arrangements and its effectiveness

Überprüfen Sie die Wirksamkeit von gesetzten Maßnahmen

It takes just 2 minutes to get the most relevant information from your customers, which reflect the quality of your building in an individual strengths and weaknesses analysis. myBuildingMessage operates with an open question rather than closed ones to tick. The outcomes are details of optimization potentials in specific areas. Regularly accomplished surveys are easy to implement considering the marginal time exposure for each survey. This allows you to perform periodic quality measurements easily and doesn’t bother your customers and employees.

Learn how much optimization potential is available at your building

Erfahren Sie detailliert welche Optimierungspotentiale es in ihrem Gebäude gibt

Smooth procedures and simultaneously high user satisfaction are the goals of any successful building operation. Standards and instructions form a kind of guideline, nevertheless, the user satisfaction is influenced by subjective senses. The "sensor human" is used to identify the optimization potential of your building. Using myBuildingMessage allows you to identify possible, moreover individual problem areas in detail.

Benefits and Features of myBuildingMessage

  • myBuildingMessage is not a survey with a closed questionnaire and answers to "click": The selected answer is not pre-defined, therefore all areas of a building and all its services will be analyzed. Surveys in schools are possible as well as in offices, shopping centers, cinemas, hotels, hospitals, airports, event areas or any other type of property within just 2 questions!
  • myBuildingMessage provides concrete optimization suggestions: Employees, customers, patients, or students often precisely define where optimization is needed because of the open question. You don’t know that the air quality is poor? Furthermore, especially this summer the air quality of the rooms at the 2nd tract leads to dissatisfaction. Now you can start to plan and implement your arrangements.
  • myBuildingMessage is fast: To answer this questionnaire requires only 2 minutes, moreover you perceive detailed information!
  • myBuildingMessage is ready to use: You receive an access to our online platform, then you enter the most important basic data of your survey and customize the survey text if its required. This task takes only 10 minutes, afterwards you are able to start the survey. Try it!
  • myBuildingMessage offers a real-time online analysis: You don’t have to evaluate any data. myBuildingMessage does it for you: The first returned answer of your survey activate the analysis tool and its full feature rang. It doesn’t matter when and where you need the information, you get it anytime and anywhere.

1. Collection of data

1. Datenerfassung

Use the open online questionnaire for a written strengths evaluation of your building. The multifunctional tool to establish user satisfaction can be used for any event, each building and workplace as well as any target group.

  • 2 questions in 2 minutes
  • scalable and platform independent
  • no individual related data
  • discrimination lock for the work council
  • server located in Germany

2. Analysis

2. Analyse

A special designed semantic text analysis recognizes 80% of the texts entered automatically. You decide, according to the classifications and categories taken for the analysis, anywhere and anytime.

  • specific semantic fields
  • detect frequencies & spreads
  • analysis of moods and feelings

3. Evaluation

3. Auswertung

Experience the details of the optimization potentials. Using myBuildingMessage makes it possible to recognize detailed and individual problem areas. The results are printable directly by using the report feature.

  • real-time analysis (5 seconds for 100 answers)
  • collection of satisfaction trends of regular surveys as a function of time
  • report printing
  • benchmarking in comparison to other buildings
  • worldwide and platform independent online analysis environment

Contact Persons

Asc. Prof. (FH) Dipl.-Ing. Christian Huber
Director of Studies Bachelor Energy & Sustainability Management, Facility & Real Estate Management / Master Energy & Sustainability Management, Facility & Real Estate Management / Institute for Energy, Facility & Real Estate Management
+43 5372 71819 136
Mag. (FH) David Koch
Prof. (FH) Dr. David Koch
Head of Institute for Energy, Facility & Real Estate Management, Professor (FH) for Real Estate Economics
+43 5372 71819 137
Eitzinger Sabrina
Sabrina Eitzinger, MA
Lecturer for Facility Management & Sustainability / Institute for Energy, Facility & Real Estate Management - currently on maternity leave
+43 5372 71819

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