06th - 08th of February 2013

Hotel & Leisure Facilities


From the 06th to the 08th of February 2013 the FM & REM Congress took place for the 15th time.

Host of the event was the facility and real estate management study program of the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein under the direction of Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.) Christian Huber.

High-profile speakers presented their ideas to a wide range of topics with the focus on Hotel & Leisure Facilities. For the first branch event of the year, more than 200 guests are welcomed who listened to a total of more than thirty presentations. Divided into three parallel talks a wide range of topics were covered by the 34 speakers. Trends in FM, user requirements in hotels, asset management through to fire safety were discussed, which thought-provoking and interesting discussions took place.

During the breaks and the evening events the opportunity was offered to socialize and renew old acquaintances and business affairs.

As a kick-off event for the first evening on Wednesday, we went to the Ice stock sport arena to make some winter sport together - an extraordinary evening event with a high fun factor.

The highlight of the conference was the gala dinner. On a snowy road, with buses with snow chains, we have reached the hotel “Feuriger Tatzlwurm”. With traditional music, a breathtaking snowy landscape, mulled wine and a grand dinner we spent a "gmiatlichen Abend mit Freunden."

We would like to express our warmest thanks to our spon­sors for their support, especially Siemens Gebäudemanage­ment & -services GmbH because they accompany us as a premium sponsor for years.


  • Participants
  • Our Sponsor: Siemens Gebäudemanagement & -Services
  • Welcome Event: Meet & Curl
  • PhD Paper Presentations
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Wednesday, the 06th of January 2013


Bus Transfer
Meeting Point FH Kufstein

07:00pm - 10:30pm

Welcome Event: Meet & Curl
Ice Stock Sport

Thursday, the 07th of January 2013

09:00am - 09:15am

Welcome from the CEO Prof. (FH) Dr. Thomas Madritsch. MRICS. FH Kufstein Tirol Director of Studies Facility & Real Estate Management Dipl.-Ing. Christian Huber

09:30am - 11:00am

Designing Process & Hotel

Competent Architectural Concept Planning as the Basis for a successful Hotel
DDI Manfred Ronstedt
PCG Planungs- und Consulting Gesellschaft
im Bauwesen mbH

3D Visualization As Base For A Perfect Start - Difficulties during the process and trends in presentation
Mag. (FH) Bernd Mörz

Real Estate Management & Hotel

Foreclosure Sale of Real Estate in Austria – Market Development 2007 - 2012 and Trends
Monika Konvicka
SmartFacts Data Services GmbH

Hotel markets in Germany and Austria - Current trends
Dipl. Betriebswirt Armin Bruckmeier, MRICS
Christie + Co GmbH

Facility Management Trends

10 Megatrends der Zukunft und ihre Auswirkung auf FM im Jahr 2020
Ing. Reinhard Poglitsch, MBA
IFMA Austria; ISS Austria Holding GmbH

Podiumsdiskussion: Trends im FM

Networking Coffee Break

11:30am - 01:00pm

Energy & Hotel

Eco spa with energy efficiency based on the Spa Resort Aqua Dome Tirol Therme Längenfeld
DI Harald Dummer

Fred Klammt

Real Estate Management & Hotel

An investor’s perspective on sustainability
Christoph Wildgruber, MRICS
Allianz Real Estate GmbH

Asset Management in the Hotel Industry
Dipl. Betriebswirt Moritz Dietl, BA
TREUGAST Solutions Group


High performance! The usability of
KPI´s for a hotel-owner and the reality of FM
Juliane Schmidt, BA
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Timo Seyfried
Siemens Gebäudemanagement und
-Services GmbH

Corporate Architecture of Hotel & Leisure Facilities
Tobias Ossenberg-Engels

01:00pm - 02:00pm

Networking Coffee Break

02:00pm - 03:30pm

Wellness & Spa

Marina Verde Wellness Resort
Carlo Falconera
Marina Verde Wellness Resort

More or less wellness
Dr. Alexander Redlein
IFM, Vienna University of Technology

Real Estate Management & Hotel

Budget Hotels - A business model for tourist regions?
Martin Kleemann
Deloitte GmbH

Bevahioural Finance: Investments in Hotels
Prof. (FH) Dr. Michael Trübestein
Prof. (FH) Brent Kigner, PhD
FH Kufstein Tirol


Hospitality in the Tourism sector and the contribution of Facility Management – perspectives for Tyrol and beyond
Peter Prischl
Reality Consult

“I am not demanding, I just look for a
dignified 4-star hotel with good service
and nice furnishing” (Guest) Guest & Hotel - a relationship
Mag. (FH) Dr. Barbara Guger

03:30pm - 04:00pm

Networking Coffee break

04:00pm - 05:30pm

Services & Hotel

Sustainable and hygienic ventilation in hotel kitchens
Heinz Ritzer
Halton Foodservice GmbH

Protection of the Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation and Cooking Appliances against Grease Fires
Jan Waldow
Tyco Building Services Products Germany GmbH

Real Estate Management & Hotel

Valuation of Hotel & Leisure Facilities – Current trends
Florian Schwalm
Ernst & Young Real Estate GmbH

Hotel Valuation: Location, Market,
Concept, Operator and Other Key Drivers
Christian Walter
PKF hotelexperts

Facility Management

Implementierung FM in der Errichtungsphase
– Grundsatzentscheidungen
für die Betriebsphase
Ing. Peter Kovacs
Facility Management Austria
Magistratsabteilung 34

The contribution of hospitality in the FM value chain. A general model to solve the conflict between N=1 and N= ∞
Leo Laanen


Bus transfer

07:00pm - 11:00pm

Evening Event: Feuriger Tatzelwurm: “A gmiatlicher Abend mit Freunden”

Friday, the 08th of January 2013

09:30am - 10:00am

Networking Coffee Break

10:00am - 11:30am

PhD Paper Presentations

Hospitality as an organizational value impacting customer satisfaction
Dipl.-Wirt.Ing. (FH) Carolin Egger, MIB
FH Kufstein Tirol
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Britta Bolzern-Konrad
FH Rosenheim

Creation of value for guest-measuring of Facility Services in hotels including the customer value
Vanessa Lellek, MSc.
Anna-Karina Averbeck, MSc.
FH Münster


‘The three sisters’, which will be about the subjects Resourcemanagement,
Servicemanagement and Hospitality.
Prof. Jan van Dalen
Professor of the School of Maastricht

The impact of Hospitality within the office environment
Asaël Akkerman
Sanquin Blood Supply

11:30am - 12:00am

Networking Coffee Break

12:00am - 01:30pm

PhD Paper Presentations

Big Data – Challenges for hospitaliy Industry
Dipl.-Wirt.Dipl. Betriebswirt Michael Toedt
Toedt, Dr.Selk & Coll. GmbH

Logistics Planning: An Organizational Theory Based Approach to Logistics Excellence
Manuel Woschank, MSc

Facility Management

Core Net Global recent research project
Prof. Ir. Dr. John D. Gilleard, PhD, MHKIE, IFMA Fellow

Integrated Design is the organisation of  complexity
Margot Grim
e7 Energie Markt Analyse GmbH

01:30pm - 02:00pm

Closing Session: Dipl.-Ing. Christian Huber, Director of Studies Facility & Real Estate Management, FH Kufstein Tirol

Conference Proceedings