Since 1998, the Facility Management & Real Estate Management Winter Congress is taking place at the University of Applied Sciences in Kufstein Tirol. This international congress has evolved into an international branch conference and is the first meeting place in the year to cultivate contacts and to establish new relationships. In the recent years, the congress was visited by more than 200 professionals from the fields of Real Estate Management and Facility Management.

Topics of former congresses

  • 2018: 20 years Facility & Real Estate Management
  • 2017
  • 2016: Industrial Facilities
    The 18th FM&REM WinterCongress is focused on "Industrial Facilities". The speakers are showing the effects of Industry 4.0 to real estates and Facility Management. The congress also includes visions of a familiy friendly industrie park.
  • 2015: Serviced Housing
    International referents presented in two parallel series of presentations on the topic of "serviced housing - living from the perspectives region, building and service". Among other best practice examples were presented, but also requirements and challenges of facility management, as well as trends and market development of serviced housing have been discussed. After the first day of the congress, the guests had the opportunity at the gala dinner to exchange views on current topics in common. On the second congress day a workshop was held on the topic of “user satisfaction”. Thereby experts delivered lectures about options of evaluation of user satisfaction. Subsequently, the participants contributed their ideas and visions.
  • 2014: Health Facilities
    International referents from economy and higher education delivered exciting contributions about topics of health care from the perspective of facility management and real estate management. During the two days of the congress there were more 200 guest visiting the University of Applied Sciences in Kufstein Tirol. They took the chance to choose between three English-language lectures. The topics of the congress ranged from trends in the facility and Real Estate Management in healthcare to evidence-based design. Topics such as CAFM implementations were presented based on practical examples.
  • 2013: Hotel & Leisure Facilities
    Already for the fifteenth time the FM & REM Congress takes place at the University of Applied Sciences in Kufstein. The theme this year is “Hotel and Leisure Facilities” out of the perspective of facility management and real estate management. DI Christian Huber, the head of the degree course of facility management & real estate management, invites experts to the first international branch conference. High-profile referents delight in specialist exchange with about 250 expected guests from economy, research and teaching.
  • 2012: Mobility vs. Immobility
    What impact does the future mobility have in facility management and real estate management? How are business models in real estate management and facility management to adapt? Which requirements will be on workplace concepts of private and public companies? Are long-term real estate concepts and financing still viable? How does mobile computing support mobility development? These topics have been discussed with the participants, the professionals and researches from the real estate branch.
  • 2011: Built Environment
    Currently, many departments work isolated, without involving a holistic view of the company. The term Built Environment summarizes the sections of facility management, real estate management and architecture. Containing all disciplines in and around the building allows to optimize company operations and processes. The aim of the conference was to show the newest developments of the sections economy, architecture & construction, but also to find commonalities and beyond this to present solutions for an increase of effectiveness and efficiency.
  • 2010: Chances through sustainability
    Sustainability – is this somewhat inflated term still relevant nowadays? Was it a luxury we could afford yesterday, abandoning it in a moment of crisis, or has there been little room for it until now, since we have been blindly following growth, consolidating now at a sustainable level? Or do only those who place emphasis on economic sustainability in time survive future tumultuous times? It is incontestable that due to its great impact on the environment the domain of real estate plays a decisive role within today’s sustainable development which concerns all the phases of building life cycles. With this year’s Congress focusing on “Opportunities for Sustainability” we aim to show the relevance and contribution of Facility & Real Estate Management in the context of sustainability. International professionals and scientists will introduce their latest research findings and present details of their practical projects. Participants will have the opportunity to apply new approaches and gain insight into the handling of the changing demands on sustainability. This year sees the 12th International Facility Management and Real Estate Congress take place in Kufstein. We are proud to have established the leading international FM-Congress in Austria.
  • 2009: Improving healthcare with the aid of Real Estate & Facility Management
    On the 15th and 16th of January 2009, the University of Applied Sciences offered a contact platform for facility management & real estate experts from economy and science, as well as executives from the healthcare. 20 referents from Europe and the US were available for discussions and presented trends, which are in the healthcare. Located in a cosy atmosphere, the varied supporting program led to personal conversations with the referents and participants.
  • 2008: Industrial Facility Management – Increasing value through Facility Management & Real Estate Management
    In January 2008, the WinterCongress took place for the 10th time. The anniversary motto was “Industrial FM – Increasing value through Facility Management & Real Estate Management”. About 200 participants heard in selected presentations of the last developments of the real estate sector. The significance of the WinterCongress is highly noticeable, seeing that the CEN- Standards Committee and the EuroFM meeting took place during the same time.
  • 2007: Strategies for the public sector – In Facility Management and Real Estate Management
    The public sector is very aware of their limited budget and resources regarding the preservation of public real estate holdings. The previous considerations for housing management are no longer sufficient to satisfy the responsibility for the public real estate holdings. The WinterCongress 2007 shows how to generate an optimization of the secondary processes in the public sector through holistic facility management strategies. Scientific approaches, as well as planned or already implemented projects in the area of facility management & real estate management served as thought-provoking impulse for the participants during the WinterCongress.
  • 2006: Opportunities by opening of the East
  • 2005: Renovation vs. Reconstruction
  • 2004: Innovation and Movement
  • 2002: Facility Management in conflict with architecture, general contractor, investor and real estate management
  • 2001: Value Change in Europe – Financing, Valuation, Transparency
  • 2000: FM education – Chances and Responsibility
  • 1999: Current trends in the field of Facility Management
  • 1998: Appreciation through Facility Management

Contact Persons

Asc. Prof. (FH) Dipl.-Ing. Christian Huber
Director of Studies Bachelor Energy & Sustainability Management, Facility & Real Estate Management / Master Energy & Sustainability Management, Facility & Real Estate Management / Institute for Energy, Facility & Real Estate Management
+43 5372 71819 136
Eitzinger Sabrina
Sabrina Eitzinger, MA
Lecturer for Facility Management & Sustainability / Institute for Energy, Facility & Real Estate Management - currently on maternity leave
+43 5372 71819

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