23. WinterCongress

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Note: Due to the Corona pandemic the WinterCongress 2021 and 2022 is cancelled.


22nd WinterCongress

13th of February 2020


Keynote: Creativity is science fiction!
Towards ideas that no one has ever thought before!

"We've always done it this way!" Do you know this or similar sentences? With oneself or with others? Learn how such sentences and attitudes disappear from the creative idea process. Look forward to the science fiction mode of thinking.

Creativity is change - and change begins in the mind. But what exactly happens in our thinking when we are faced with new situations and have to leave the familiar? Which fears and worries have to be taken into account in order to successfully relocate to the new island of change?

Change management is a buzzword of our time, and it seems that successful management is no longer possible without it. But does it also affect people? Without taking into account the willingness to change and the appropriate values, every change process is destined to fail.
Equipped with the findings of modern brain research, professional inventiveness, years of experience and his own enthusiasm, Nils Bäumer conveys the good news that everyone is creative and increases the willingness of his listeners to change.

Find a connection to your creativity again and release potentials and energies. Because creativity is the basis for further development and the ability to think and act in a new way.
Join us on a Brain Trek: enthusiasm guaranteed, creativity activated and inspired to innovate.

In this way you can solve tomorrow's challenges today.


Nils Bäumer is the expert for creativity and innovation opportunities. The Weser Kurier writes: "Nils Bäumer is the boss in the ring when it comes to creativity".

He is also known as a midwife of ideas and guarantor of impulses, because he awakens the creative potential of his participants and listeners with his lectures and workshops and thus provides a way to actively shape one's own life.

He passes on his knowledge as a professional speaker, multiple author, lecturer, blogger and successful podcaster. While still a student, he took over the organisation and marketing of the "Guinness Book Record in Comb Blowing" - with 5,500 participants.

When asked why he has been working with creativity for over 20 years, the answer is that he is looking for the essence of creativity. To give a picture, he does not want to understand how a watch works, but what time means.

He himself says about this:
"I want to discover why and how we can come up with ideas and put them into successful practice. And if I can pass on this knowledge, awaken the creative potential in as many people as possible, then I believe the world will become a little better".

His findings can be used by companies and managers to successfully implement change processes and increase innovation opportunities. Because creativity is change and "only" routine is the first step on the road to bankruptcy.

In 2007 he started his own business with the training agency Synapsensprung® and has been a professional speaker on various stages in the DACH region since 2013.

Since the end of 2019, he has been the founder of the transformation consultancy DenkSinn GmbH together with his partner Simona Popisti, and under the label he designs business games for the playful implementation of agile working methods.

 15:30 Uhr: Creativity is science fiction! 



Christian Huber studied architecture at the Technical University of Munich. Already during his studies he was interested in sustainable and energy-efficient buildings and their technical components. As a research assistant at the Chair of Building Climate Control and Building Services with Prof. Gerhard Hausladen, he was responsible for third-party funded research and development projects.
Since then, one focus of his research and development has been the future energy supply of communities, cities and regions. He played a major role in developing the energy distribution plan, a regional planning instrument that is now common in the German-speaking region. It analyses the local energy demand with the existing energy infrastructures as well as the regional energy potentials and develops coordinated, integral energy concepts for the coming years, which are mapped in a document that is officially valid.
In addition to research and teaching, Christian Huber attaches great importance to practical relevance. In his engineering office NEAT, which he runs together with his colleagues Hana Riemer and Robert Fröhler, he has been able to plan and implement several new construction and refurbishment projects and to prepare thermal and plant engineering expertises for commercial and industrial customers.
Since 2010, Christian Huber has held the professorship for Architecture & Technical Building Equipment at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tyrol. Since 2011 he has been responsible for the bachelor's degree  and the master's degree programme in Facility & Real Estate Management. Since 2018, he has also been the head of the Energy and Sustainability Management (formerly Energy Business) bachelor's programme and the European Energy Business master's programme. He is also in responsible for the Institute of Facility & Real Estate Management.

Since 2013, he has been working on customer and employee satisfaction in buildings as well as in services related to real estate, the energy industry and sustainability. He and his team developed "myBuildingMessage" as a measurement & analysis tool with 2 questions and an automated semantic text analysis. For this he was awarded, among other things, with the 1st place of the FM Innovation Award of the magazine "Der Facility Manager".

For innovative and sustainable teaching, he and his team received the Sustainability Award by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economics and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management for the "Sustainable Urban Development - Facility Management & Real Estate Management WinterSchool", which has been held annually since 2012. The WinterSchool was also honoured as a UNESCO project "Education for Sustainable Development".

10:45 Uhr:Humans & Digitalisation



Prof. (FH) Dr. Roman Stöger is professor for strategic corporate management at the University of Applied Sciences FH Kufstein. Prior to that he worked for twenty years in the private sector. As a supervisory organ, he provides entrepreneurial support to several medium-sized, international companies. In recent years, Roman Stöger has published numerous books and articles on strategy, digitalization, innovation, organization, leadership, process and project management, most recently: "Digitalisierung umzusetzen" (Verlag Schäffer Poeschel). In 2016 he has been appointed to the expert commission "Digitization and Innovation" within the framework of the German Federal Ministry of Economics.

11:30 Uhr: Management of digitalisation




Dr. Roman Kopetzky was born in Salzburg and lives in Kufstein. He is 44 years old, married and father of 3 children. After graduating in International Economics (IWW) at the University of Innsbruck and IECS Strasbourg with a year of study in France, he completed approx. 1 ½ year of memorial service / alternative civilian service at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. During his doctoral studies at the University of Vienna he worked on the topic of radical innovations (Disruptive Technologies). Dr. Kopetzky successfully completed the postgraduate course "HR Management in Learning Organisations" at the MCI Innsbruck and participated in various systemic coaching, organisational development and communication trainings. His professional career started the first 4 years in the technical and strategic project environment (internet broadband expansion) and in the last 15 years he has been working in specialist and management functions on the topic of HR in various service companies: from Telekom Austria AG to Erste Group Bank AG and Berger Group, where he is currently employed as Head of HR at Berger Beteiligungs GmbH. His main focus and highlights include the following topics and tasks: group-wide change management, international talent programs, succession planning, management development, setting up an internal coaching center, talent search & recruiting

 14:20 Uhr: Talent search on the edge of the Silver Society


Programm, 13.02.2020

10:00 - 10:30 Uhr

Registration & Coffee

10:30 - 10:45 Uhr


Prof. (FH) Dr. Thomas Madritsch  und Asc. Prof. (FH) Dipl- Ing. (Univ.) Christian Huber

FH Kufstein Tirol

10:45 - 11:30 Uhr

Humans & Digitalisation

Asc. Prof. (FH) Dipl- Ing. (Univ.) Christian Huber

FH Kufstein Tirol

11:30 - 12:20 Uhr

Management of digitalisation

Prof. (FH) Dr. Roman Stöger

FH Kufstein Tirol 

12:20 - 12:35 Uhr


12:35 - 13:45 Uhr

Networking & Lunch

13:45 - 14:20 Uhr

Sustainable management as a success factor

Prof. Dr. René Schmidpeter

Dr. Jürgen Meyer Stiftungslehrstuhl für Internationale Wirtschaftsethik und CSR, Köln

14:20 - 15:00 Uhr

Talent search on the edge of the Silver Society

Dr. Roman Kopetzky

Berger Beteiligungs GmbH

15:00 -15:30 Uhr

QuestionCorner & Coffee

15:30 -16:30 Uhr

Creativity is science fiction!

Nils Bäumer

16:30 - 16:45 Uhr


18:00 - 23:00 Uhr

Dinner & Networking


   Program changes are possible.


Dinner & Networking at the Stanglwirt

At 18 o'clock the bus leaves the FH Kufstein Tirol in the direction of Stanglwirt.

Meeting point exit Krankenhausgasse building D.

The menu will be published soon.




FM & REM WinterCongress - The specialist congress at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol

Since 1998 the Facility Management & Real Estate Management WinterCongress takes place in the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol. The aim of the FM & REM WinterCongress is to bring experts and scientists from the fields of facility & real estate management, engineering and economy together, in order to create an exchange of ideas and experience. As a University of applied Sciences we enable students to be part of the FM & REM WinterCongress by offering curriculum integrated courses in a congress concept.


The FM & REM WinterCongress is traditionally the first branch meeting in the year, whereby current topics in the facility management and real estate management will be discussed. The holistic view of different topics and the international orientation of the Congress is why Kufstein’s FM & REM WinterCongress is an important meeting among the experts.


But not only the professional discussions and the internationally recognized keynote speakers, experts and scientists, but also networking and the opportunity to establish new contacts at one of the diversified evening activities are appreciated by the participants.


Parallel to the FM & REM Winter Congress the FM & REM Winter School will be held to examine annually changing topics under the specification of the theme "Sustainable Urban Developement" in international student groups. In addition to the presentations the participants were offered various workshops and field trips, which are intended to give an impression as realistic as possible of the respective topics. 

FM & REM WinterCongress over the years

Already at the beginning this conference is internationally well-known as "Kufsteiner FM-Gespäche". In 2010 due to a more international orientation there was a renaming into "International FM & REM Congress 2010". Since 2010 the study program established a summer conference and so 2011 the congress received the name "FM & REM WinterCongress".

Image-Video: FM & REM WinterCongress

Contact Persons

Asc. Prof. (FH) Dipl.-Ing. Christian Huber
Director of Studies Bachelor Energy Business, Energy & Sustainability Management, Facility & Real Estate Management / Master European Energy Business, Energy & Sustainability Management, Facility & Real Estate Management / Institute for Energy, Facility & Real Estate Management
+43 5372 71819 136
Eitzinger Sabrina
Sabrina Eitzinger, MA
Lecturer for Facility Management & Sustainability / Institute for Energy, Facility & Real Estate Management - currently on maternity leave
+43 5372 71819

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